CALL FOR PHOTOS – Girls who Rock Locs

Tiana Parker | Photo courtesy of Medley-Inc. | Photo Credit: Marq Lewis


Last Friday, I shared “For Tiana: A Care Package FULL of Locs of LOVE,” a communal virtual hug for Tiana Parker, the seven-year old little girl who was dismissed from school because her hair violated school policy. My original blog post about the care package has since been viewed  over 20,000 times, the care package itself has been viewed over 165,000 times, and news coverage of the care package has ranged from Jet Magazine, and CNN, to the Philadelphia Daily News and Tulsa’s local Fox 23 News. What felt like a simple gesture to let one of our babies know that she is PERFECTLY beautiful just the way she is, has turned into a world-wide LOVE FEST. And I LOVE IT.

The one consistent piece of feedback that I’ve gotten from the HUNDREDS of emails, posts, and messages is that this is bigger than Tiana. ALL of our little natural little ones could use the affirmation. Hell, some of us natural big ones could use the affirmation. So at the request of SO many, BLACKprint Press will soon release an e-book; the proceeds of which will go to a very special cause.

But in order to do that, we need a little bit more content. More photos. Only now we need high quality photos – photos that will look great on e-devices as well as in print (in hopes that we’re able to get the $upport needed to do a run of full-color printed books).

Calling all girls ages 0-17 who rock locs!

(aka dreadlocks/dreads) 

Please send in:

(1) One high quality photo each 

High quality means High Resolution (hi-res). At least 300 DPI with at least one dimension of 2400 pixels (8 inches). Basically we need a big and clear picture, thus, NO CAMERA PHONE PICTURES.


(2) A note of loc affirmation written by the girl or in the girl’s voice

  • imagine that the e-book will be viewed by all the Tianas of the world – little girls who rock locs but who may not be getting all the love and affirmation about their hair that they should be. This note will be one of encouragement and support for them.
  • Girls should respond to the question “Why do you love your hair?” and/or express why their hair and the hair of other girls who wear locs is PERFECT. AS IS.
  • 5-8 sentences MAX.

Please send photos and affirmations via email to <>

DEADLINE = 10/10/13



A Care Package for Tiana: Locs of LOVE

DSC_5848 a TEXT
Photo Credit: Sabriya Simon

Black women’s hair has made the news again. In the same week that Sheryl Underwood, comedian and co-host of The Talk (CBS) referred to “afro hair” as “curly, nappy, beaded…nasty,” a 7-year-old girl in Tulsa, Oklahoma was sent home from her African-American led charter school because according to school officials and school policy, her dreadlocks are “unacceptable.”
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