Anyone who follows or engages me in social media, knows that my social media personality is one part Dr. Yaba Blay, two parts Black fool. I like to clown. And I like to laugh. I started using the hashtag #ProfessionalBlackGirl as a way to mark what’s ours as Black girls – a way of saying, “What we have here is a case of peak Black girlness.” You see it. You feel it. You may not have known what to call it or maybe you mistakenly called it something else like “ghetto” or “hood” or “ratchet.” But in naming it “Professional,” I recognize the skill, the talent, the effort, the energy, the beauty, and the power in it – whatever “it” is – and by marking it “Professional,” I recognize that it deserves acknowledgment, if not respect. (more…)

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by Tarana Burke

Professional Black Girls…

…tell a whole story or make a statement with just their eyes and a maybe a few syllables strung together.

Professional Black Girl1Sometimes we are too emotional (sad, happy, frustrated, annoyed…) to get the exact words together – but a good ‘hmph’ and an eyebrow raise will give you all of the information you need. (more…)

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