Adventures at Beauty World


Hair is a multibillion-dollar industry, one that is fueled primarily by Black women. We spend an estimated $500 billion annually on hair care alone – more than anyone else. While some of that money goes to hair stylists and hair salons, the large majority of our spending happens in beauty supply stores. A mainstay in the Black community for generations, “the beauty supply store” is the place where Black women can get any and everything we need to do our hair — from hair extensions and wigs to tools and products. Whether we wear it natural or relaxed, long or short, with or without extensions, regular trips to the beauty supply store are a common experience among us. And one thing is clear: we wouldn’t give beauty supply stores millions of our hard-earned dollars every year if they didn’t play such an important role in our lives.

ADVENTURES AT BEAUTY WORLD is an original docuseries that leads viewers on a journey into the magical (and sometimes mysterious) wonderland of Black hair culture. Using “the beauty supply store” as a virtual classroom of sorts, professor Yaba Blay educates and entertains with candid conversations about our hair products, hair practices, and hair politics.


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